Mission and Vision

FAEN Mission 2020

To form Nursing Professionals, Masters, and Doctors in Nursing Sciences, such as Podiatry Associated Professionals able to proportionate holistic care and quality services. They generate consciousness according to the health demands locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, with humanistic and ethic sense, applying university principles and values, and discipline.


FAEN Vision 2020

The School of Nursing is recognized in 2020 as an academic department socially responsible and of world class for its quality, relevance and contributions to Higher Education, Scientific and Technologic Development, and to the innovation of nursing and podiatry that contributes to Society’s Health.


Quality Objectives

  • Client’s satisfaction in 90%
  • Fulfillment of an improvement project each year
  • Undergraduates with an average over 80 and postgraduates with an average of 89
  • To keep annually the certification with the International ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • To keep at least 75% of the PTC with PROMEP Profile
  • To keep the certification of the Nursing Curriculum of the Bachelor’s Degree in On-site Modality by a nursing accrediting organism nationally recognized.
  • To keep the certification of the Bachelor’s Degree in On-Site Modality Nursing Curriculum by an international organism.
  • To keep the National Recognition of Quality of the Postgraduate On-Site curriculums
  • To keep the Curriculum of the Mixed Modality Nursing Bachelor’s Degree, recognized for its quality by a national organism
  • To keep the Associated Professional in Podiatry Curriculum recognized for its quality by a national organism.


Quality Policy     

In the School of Nursing of the UANL we are committed to form Nursing Bachelors, Masters and Doctors in Nursing Sciences, and Associated Professionals in Podiatry, as well as updating its graduates in continuous education programs, satisfied and competent, through the process of continuous improvement and encouragement of quality culture.


Values associated to Institutional work

  • For realizing their purposes and aims, life and work in FAEN are organized and developed, having as an axis and purpose the discovery of what is true.
  • For the FAEN, equity means to offer equality of good quality educational opportunities to the nursing students who will be a fundamental base for population’s health and the country’s development. Equity is a substantial value in the Nursing School’s social responsibility.
  • Knowledge leads to a practice of self-determination and implies the responsible and informed election of alternatives. It is and environment of liberty in which the truth may bloom. The FAEN, to accomplish its purposes and aims, organizes life and activities having as an axis and purpose the creation, generation and application of nursing knowledges.
  • The public character of the FAEN commits it to be solidary and to keep the commitment of proportionate care to the population equally. Particularly to the most disadvantaged ones, so it should make permanent institutional efforts to achieve such purpose.
  • To consider, without any exception, the person’s dignity, rights and liberties that are inherent as a human being.
  • The staff is obligated to be an example of rectitude, guiding all their actions to the search of the truth
  • To be fair with everyone’s actions and decisions, basing on true facts, and respect of the rule of law and its compliance
  • This means to assume the commits stablished in the organization, to accomplish with the discipline and the norms that rule the institution, and being aware of the obligations and consequences of their acts.